2 person spas are perfect if you’re seeking the pleasures of a compact portable hot tub. If you have limited space, we recommend our line of sleek, luxurious two-person portable spas. A compact 2 person hot tub is easier to maintain, less expensive to operate and it fits practically anywhere compared to its larger hot tub counterparts. These two-person portable hot tubs are roomy enough for even tall bathers to stretch out and sit deeply in the spa’s water.

The Gemini: 2 Person Luxury Spa

Gemini Hot Tub with People Gemini Spa One of ThermoSpas’ 2 person spas is The Gemini. The Gemini fits where other spas can’t. This two person hot tub may be customized with built-in pillows and many other amenities of a full size spa. The Gemini is considered the perfect spa for personal relaxation yet offers room enough for two. Each side offers a slightly different seating design and jet configuration. Each seating area is contoured for deep soaking, so even the tallest bather can stretch out and enjoy a neck, shoulder, or foot massage.

The Gemini 2 person hot tub can be installed indoors or out. Its elegant cabinet provides the look and feel of fine furniture. ThermoSpas ThermoInsulation system and the Gemini’s less than 175 gallon water capacity make it a more economical spa to operate. A built-in ice bucket, cup holder and convenient shelf area provide just the right final touches.

The Townhouse: 2 Person Portable Hot Tub

Townhouse Spa Townhouse Hot Tub with People The Townhouse is ThermoSpas’s most versatile two-person spa because it gives bathers three unique seating choices. Its size also makes it easy to move through standard doorways and from one home to another.

The Townhouse also provides standard features uncommon in most compact hot tubs. Its built-in ice bucket, bar area and pillows pamper, while the grab bars make moving in the spa a snap. One end of the townhouse features dual therapy stations, while the other end has a intimate love seat. The Townhouse is so well designed, two bathers can stretch out and use its seating areas as a double-wide lounge. With ThermoSpas’ lavish array of shell colors and elegant cabinetry, and it’s clear that the Townhouse offers unmatched luxury, intimacy and therapy all within a compact two person spa.

ThermoSpas 2 Person Hot Tub Specifications

Shell size: 79″l x 44″w x 29″d
Overall size: 82″l x 47″w x 31″d
150 usage level
215 full to brim
450 – 500 lbs
2,235 – 2,285 lbs
Two Person Hot Tubs – Fully Customizable
Feature Description
Number of pumps – depends on package 1 – 4
Pump Functions up to 2 water, 1 filtration, 1 air
Number of Jets 8 to 51
Jet Types up to 37 water & 14 air/td>
Main Control Systems 4 options (depends on package)
Electrical Requirements 110V,15A plug in cord
to 220V, 50A hard-wired
(depends on package)
Ozonator or Therm-Ozone Available – all packages
Patented Variable Air Control Available – all packages
Thermo-Filtration System Available – all packages
Titanium Heater Available – all packages
Thermo-Blanket Insulation Available – all packages
Thermo-Foil Insulation Available – all packages
Thermo-Insulation & Soundproofing Available – some packages
Underwater Lighting Available – all packages
Lighted Grab Bars Available – some packages
Thermo-Board w/Reversible Panels Available – all packages
Western Red Cedar Cabinetry Available – all packages
Cabinet w/Removable Walls Standard – all packages
Continuous Cast Acrylic Shell Standard – all packages
Thermo-Bond Rigidizing Standard – all packages
Bubbling System Available – some packages
Blower Regulator Valve Available – some packages
Built-In Pillows Available – some packages
1 lb density R-Value 12 Available – some packages
1.5 lb density R-Value 14 Available – some packages
2.5 lb density R-Value 18 Available – all packages